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What is Apostille?

The Apostille is a way to confirm whether the documents are coming from a legitimate source or not. For any document, this is the highest level of authentication. After you submit the documents for authentication, they will be checked by numerous departments to ensure their validity.

Purpose of a Police Clearance Certificate
  • Higher Education
  • Having a job abroad
  • Foreign country’s requirements

A police clearance certificate is evidence that you have no criminal charges pending against you. For overseas nations conducting criminal background checks, the PCC is a crucial document. The majority of nations require a PCC apostille.

Just like any other documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and degree certificates, getting a PCC apostille is a bit complicated. 

What is the validity of PCC Apostille?

All apostilled documents are only valid for six months regardless of the authentication. If the apostille is older than six months, you must obtain a new one.

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