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The UAE Consulate Attestation in India

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The consulates are extra diplomatic bodies established by countries which are large in size. These are formed only after establishing embassies in the foreign countries. So that many countries won’t be having consular offices where the embassies are situated. The UAE consulate in India is the representation of its government dealing with matters of residence in India and UAE that are related to the foreign affairs.
The consulate operates in the same way as the embassy, but performs its functions at the administrative level. The consulate also provides valuable guidelines and information on processing Indian visas to UAE and to complete the immigration process. The Indians can seek the help of the consulate for renewing or changing their passports and will provide key info and assistance to the citizen for traveling or residing in the UAE.

UAE consulate is in charge of attestation of various documents and stamps the seal valid in the seven emirates of UAE. Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Al Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain are the seven emirates. Indians who are planning to study, work or reside in the UAE get their certificates or documents related to issuance of passport/visa, birth, death and marriage completely attested by the consulate.
When a person outside the above mentioned seven emirates wishes to work, study or reside in UAE attesting of different documents are mandatory. This is because the documents issued from India must get verified and attested by different government departments of India as directed by the UAE government. The documents to be finally attested by the consulate has to get verified by different other departments which varies depending on the type of the certificate or documents.

The applications for consular attestation & legalization of documents or certificates can be submitted by the individual themselves or by their blood relatives producing the identity proof and the proof to show the relation. In case of attesting educational documents to use in UAE these have to get attested by the Ministry of Education of the individuals concerned state. After that the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) of India verifies and attest the documents and which then passes to the consular section.
The documents other than educational documents vary in the attestation procedures. The documents can include affidavit, marriage certificates, Birth Certificates etc. These documents won’t need to be presented in front of the Ministry of Education, instead they are directly submitted to MEA. Then this will be passed to the consular section for attestation. For Commercial Documents attestation the documents have to be submitted by the authorized company’s employees. Helpline group will direct you how to submit the documents where you won’t have to look back again at the procedures you once did, by making the attestation hassle free.
The charges for attestation vary greatly depending the type and need for attestation. So before entering to the process of attestation HLG provides you a complete background of the attestation process and the documents you have to be in hand prior to the departmental attestations. So by trusting us you can ease the attestation process and get the required attested material as soon as according to your need, we can provide you normal and emergency services.

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