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Company Formation Services in India

India is one of the biggest economies with the growth rates in the world that is giving everyone a chance to begin startup. Because of this, many new firms are constantly attempting to enter the Indian markets or to grow their current enterprises. The Companies Act, 2013, regulates all such entities and requires them to register, whether they are international businesses considering setting up shop in India or domestic businesses trying to grow. We at Helpline Group provides for all needs related to such company formation in India.

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What are the different types of business structures in India?

Here are some of the different types of business structures in India:

One Person Company (OPC)

The ideal option to launch a company if there is only one promoter or owner is using an OPC, which was just introduced in the year 2013. It permits an independent owner to continue working while remaining associated with the corporate structure.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

An LLP is a distinct legal entity where the partners’ obligations are constrained to the amount of their agreed-upon contribution. According to the Limited Liability Act of 2008, an LLP is created with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Private Limited Company (PLC)

A PLC is recognised by the law as a distinct legal entity from its founders.  It has directors (corporate executives) and shareholders (stakeholders). Every person is seen as a member of the company.

Public Limited Company

A Public Limited Company is an unpaid membership organization that has been legally established. It has a distinct legal existence, and each member’s liability is only for the shares they own.

You can select the business structure that best meets your needs and register your company using that structure.

Other types of company models include partnerships, sole proprietorships, and Hindu undivided families. Please remember that these structures are not covered by company law.

Procedure to register a company in India

Here is the procedure to register a company in India:

1.Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Digital signatures are important when submitting forms to the MCA portal as the company’s registration is done entirely online. All prospective directors and signatories of the articles of incorporation (AoA) and memorandum of association (MoA) are required to complete DSC.

DSC is available from certifying organizations recognized by the government. The MoA and AoA directors and subscribers must get the Class 3 category DSC.

2.Director Identification Number (DIN)

A Director identity Number (DIN), which serves as their identity number, is required for everyone who want to serve as a director of a corporation. Each potential director’s DIN and supporting paperwork for their name and address must be included on the company registration form. A DIN can be obtained by submitting the SPICe+ form, attached to the company registration form. 

The SPICe+ online company registration form allows up to three directors to get DIN. If there are any extra directors, the company can be formed with three, but if they do not have a DIN, they must be appointed after incorporation. The SPICe+ form can only be used by the proposed directors of an existing company, hence the appointed directors must submit the DIR-3 form to receive DIN.

3.Registration on the MCA Portal

To be taken into consideration for company registration, the SPICe+ form needs to be filled out and uploaded on the MCA portal. In order to fill out the SPICe+ form and send any necessary supporting files, the company’s director must first register on the MCA portal. After registration, the director can log in and use the MCA portal’s features, such as completing electronic forms and getting access to public data.

The company must also include two alternative titles in Part-A of the SPICe+ form in order to reserve its name. The company name must be reserved because the SPICe+ form will be rejected if the name is the same as that of an active/registered company, LLP, trademark, or if it contains phrases that are prohibited by the Companies (Incorporation Rules) 2014 regulations.

If the SPICe+ form is refused because the company name was not approved, the applicant must re-file the form and pay the applicable price in order to reserve a new name. The name submitted in Part-A of the SPICe+ form will be approved, but it will remain in reserve for 20 days during which the company must complete Part-B and resubmit the form online. The applicant must fill out Part-B of the SPICe+ form with the firm and directors’ information, attach any necessary documents and DSC, check the form, and submit it.

4.Certificate of Incorporation

Once the application has been filled out, submitted, and accompanied by all required paperwork, the Registrar of Companies will review it. Following application verification, they will issue the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation.

The Certificate of Incorporation contains the PAN and TAN assigned by the Income Tax Department. Additionally, a Certificate of Incorporation, PAN, and TAN will be sent to the applicant via email.

This concludes our fundamentals of company formation.

Documents need for company registration

Here are some of the documents required for company registration:

Proof of identification of all the company’s directors and shareholders, and even partners in case of LLP. You can submit any one of the below documents as proof of identification:

  • Pan card
  • Aadhar card
  • Driving license
  • Passport 

Address proof of all the directors and shareholders and even partners in case of LLP. Here are some of the documents which you need to submit as address proof:

  • Latest telephone bill (not older than 2 months) 
  • Latest electricity bill (not older than 2 months)
  • Bank account statement having address 
  • DIN (DPIN in case of LLP) and DSC of all the directors (partners in case of LLP)

Documents of the Company/LLP

Proof of the company’s registered office. The following paperwork must be provided as proof of the company’s address:

  • Agreement for a lease or rent between a company or LLP and the landlord
  • A letter or notice of consent (NOC) from the landlord granting authorization to use the space as the registered office of the LLP. 
  • Sale agreement for the company’s or LLP’s office space in their names
  • The Memorandum of Association (MoA), which outlines the purposes for which the business will be incorporated as well as the members’ legal obligations.
  • The company’s operating rules are set down in the Articles of Association (AoA).

Benefits of company registration in India

A company registration offers a number of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Protects against additional hazards and losses as well as personal obligation protection.
  • Increases goodwill and aids in attracting more customers
  • Provides easy access to solid investments and bank loans to trustworthy investors.
  • Covers the need to safeguard the company’s assets
  • Increased dedication to prosperity and stability
  • Increases capacity for growth and development

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