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What is Indian Apostille Legalization Service from UAE?

Apostille Legalization Service or Attestation service is a process of obtaining an apostille stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India on documents issued in the UAE. The apostille stamp verifies the authenticity of the documents and makes them legally valid in India. The service is essential for individuals who need to present their UAE-issued documents in India for legal or personal reasons. We at Helpline Group are one of the apostille attestation service providers in UAE.


List of documents needed for Apostille Legalization Service

The documents required for Apostille Legalization Service may vary depending on the purpose of the documents. However, the most commonly requested documents include:

  • Educational certificates (degree certificates, diplomas, mark sheets, etc.)
  • Personal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, etc.)
  • Commercial documents (export/import documents, company documents, etc.)

What is the procedure of the Apostille Legalization Service?


The procedure for Indian Apostille Legalization Service from UAE involves the following steps:

  • Submission of documents – The applicant must submit the required documents to the authorized agency or service provider, such as Helpline Group.
  • Verification – We will verify the documents to ensure that they are authentic and meet the requirements for apostille legalization.
  • Apostille stamping – Once the verification is complete, we will submit the documents to the MEA for apostille stamping.
  • Collection of documents – After the MEA completes the apostille stamping process, we will collect the documents and hand it over to you.

How does Indian Apostille Legalization Service work?


Apostille Legalization Service work by ensuring that the documents issued in the UAE are legally recognized in India. The process involves obtaining an apostille stamp from the MEA, which certifies the authenticity of the documents. This stamp is necessary for presenting the documents to Indian authorities or organizations.

How much time does it take to take Indian Apostille Legalization Service from UAE?


The time required to obtain Indian Apostille Legalization Service from UAE depends on several factors, such as the type of document and the workload at the MEA. Typically, the process can take anywhere from 5-10 working days.

Why choose Helpline Group?


Helpline Group is a reputable and reliable service provider for apostille attestation services. Our team of experts ensures that the documents are verified and processed quickly and efficiently. We also provide end-to-end solutions for all document-related services, making it convenient for our clients to obtain the services they require. Our services are cost-effective, and we prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that the entire process is hassle-free and stress-free.


Is it necessary to get an apostille stamp for all documents issued in the UAE?

No, not all documents require an apostille stamp. However, for documents that need to be presented in India, an apostille stamp is necessary.

Can I obtain Indian Apostille Legalization Service from UAE on my own?

Yes, you can obtain Indian Apostille Legalization Service from UAE on your own. However, it can be a time-consuming and complex process, and it is recommended to seek the services of a reliable service provider like Helpline Group.

What if my documents are not in English or Hindi?

If your documents are not in English or Hindi, they must be translated into either of these languages before submitting them for apostille legalization. The translation must also be notarized. Fret not. We at Helpline Group provide you translation services from Hindi to English to Arabic, if needed.

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