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Credential Evaluation Services

If you are looking for, the expert assistance to get your educational credentials verified and authenticated, you are at the right place. Helpline Group’s Professional Services are designed to accomplish your Credential Evaluation in a hassle-free manner, for higher education in Canada

  • Credential Evaluation
  • Necessary paperwork and presentation

We can help you with different universities. Leave the complex issues of validation, verification and approvals related to World Education Services to us. Expertise staffs at Helpline Group can ensure successful outcomes.

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Credential Evaluation Services:


The enthusiasts that wish to immigrate abroad for higher studies, especially to the USA and Canada; require accomplishing Credential Evaluation procedure in the prescribed deadlines. You need an expert on your side to get your academic certificates evaluated as per the rules of the relevant universities. Helpline Group offers Transcript Evaluation Services with the utmost professional approach.

  • The students from India and various other countries can seek expert advice about the procedure
  • Helpline Group deploys the most talented and experienced professionals represent you for Credential Evaluation
  • We ensure completion of Transcript Evaluation following the ideal process, in time.

Helpline Group works with many universities across the world. We have an incredible command over the document validation process, through our experience and an extensive network of offices and Business Associates across various locations.

The necessity for Transcript Evaluation:

The foreign universities would have their own set competencies for international students, for the courses they offer. The students from India usually approach the universities in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and some other parts of the world for Undergraduate Programs, Postgraduate Programs (Master’s Degree), Doctorate Programs (Ph. D.) and professional courses. It becomes mandatory to confirm that the educational qualification that the student currently bears is at par with the eligibility criteria for the courses they might have applied for.

Additionally, the students opting for PR Visa applying for the higher studies need to complete the Credential Evaluation process mandatorily.  Your evaluated transcripts are required as mandatory supporting documents along with your Permanent Resident Visa Applications. Eventually, it is not safe to deploy any unknown and unauthorized person for the Transcript Evaluation procedure.

Helpline Group deploys highly trained, motivated and knowledgeable personnel to represent you in the concerned universities for Credential Evaluation. With more than twenty years of service, to the clients, we have earned the reputation of handling the clients’ credentials in a secured manner and timely delivery of credentials after evaluation.

Global presence and expertise counts:

Helpline Group has a global presence through the offices and Business Associates executing Transcript Evaluation Services from various locations including the USA, Canada, the UK, other parts of the European Region and the Middle East as well. Therefore, we can offer Credential Evaluation Services in an internationally integrated manner. Again, we are in this business for more than a period of two decades today. Thus, we have developed a foolproof system to handle the clients’ credentials and complete the validation procedure from the universities and other authorities well in time.

Helpline Group has successfully served thousands of international students, their parents, enthusiasts looking for jobs abroad and other aspiring immigrants from across the globe. Our Service Portfolio for documentation related needs includes wide-ranging services such as Certificate Attestation Services, Apostille Service, Notarization and other Document Authentication Services as well. We emphasize honesty in following the procedures for Credential Evaluation and capability to deliver evaluated academic credentials to our clients within their deadlines for the greatest level of Customer Satisfaction. So, Helpline Group serves as the one-stop solution for your various documentation requirements, helping you to reach your goals in a hassle-free manner.

Important considerations for Transcript Evaluation:

Only the duly authorized persons in the universities can attest and validate the academic credentials. The dignitaries such as the professors, college affiliates and public notaries are not considered authorized for Transcript Evaluation. Our executives are well aware about these rules and follow the prescribed process to get your academic credentials evaluated.

To get your Degree Certificate evaluated, you need to send a copy of it. It is not necessary to send the original Degree Certificate for validation.

Your mark sheets must be issued by the institutions with an autonomous status; or the constituent colleges, if your qualification is not concerned directly to any university.

Credential Evaluation Steps:

As you send your academic certificates for Credential Evaluation along with the fees, the Helpline Group assigns the job to one of the support agents that submit the credentials along with the application to the concerned university. After coordinating with the concerned officials in the universities and following up with them, the evaluated credentials from the universities are received.

Technically, the universities need to send your validated academic credentials to the other authorities for another round of approval. However, if the universities don’t send them as a matter of policy; our support executives take care of taking your validated credentials from the universities to further authority.

Different universities would have different policies and procedures for Transcript Evaluation. Usually, the procedure for evaluating your transcripts would be accomplished within a span of 15 to 40 working days.

Seek expert advice from the Helpline Group to take your motives further:

Helpline Group offers Credential Evaluation Services across various countries, including India. You can express your concerns or ask for additional information about our services, by leaving a message on your left here.

You can also contact our Customer Support Executives using the following numbers. For your convenience, our team is also accessible on WhatsApp through the same numbers. Our team member would contact you soon to resolve your difficulties and for communicating about our service portfolio


Helpline Group is an international organisation endorsing documentation assessments for candidates aspiring to study and work in Canada and USA. We provide distinguished services related to Certificate Verification, Endorsement, and Attestation etc. from across GCC, UK, USA, Austria and Canada assisting national and international students, immigrants or job seekers to fulfill their educational and professional goals.

Our 20+ years experience helped us develop some of the most unique services in the industry in a customer friendly manner. Our Credential Evaluation Services are designed to support international students and professional immigrants in getting their objectives fulfilled. We assist them to get Credential Evaluation Services done from different Universities of India, GCC, USA, UK, Australia etc.

Get in touch with Helpline Group today to take your goals further.

Our Credential Education Services are available in many countries, especially in the Middle East Region. To know more about our services, please leave a message, stating your requirements on the left. Alternatively, you may contact us through either of the following methods. Helpline Group associates will contact you as soon as possible. We are also available in WhatsApp (Use the following numbers).