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Bahrain Good Standing Certificate

The government of Bahrain issues a certificate called a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to anyone who has lived or worked in Bahrain for a specific amount of time. This certificate serves as proof that the person has no criminal history and has not been connected to any criminal activity while they have been resident of Bahrain. Especially for immigration or employment-related reasons, the PCC is a vital document for anyone planning to travel abroad.

PCC Enquiry

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Required Documents to Get PCC

The following is a list of the documents that people must produce to get a PCC in Bahrain:

  • Passport – The applicant must produce a valid passport showing his or her personal information, such as name, date of birth, and photograph.
  • Residence permit – The applicant must produce a Bahrain-valid residence permit.
  • Fingerprints – The applicant must provide his or her Fingerprints, which can be obtained from the Bahraini Ministry of Interior
  • Request form – The applicant must fill out a request form and submit it to the appropriate authority.
  • Proof of Address – The applicant must produce a document proving their current address in Bahrain, such as a bill for a utility bill or rental agreement.

Validity of PCC

The validity of a PCC in Bahrain is six months from the date of issue. After this period, the PCC is no longer valid and must be renewed.

What is the Processing Time for PCC?

The processing time for PCC in Bahrain varies depending on the issuing authority and the number of applications received. On average, it takes approximately seven working days to process a PCC in Bahrain. However, the processing time may be longer if the application requires additional scrutiny or if there is a high volume of applications.

Individuals can check the status of their PCC application online through the official website of the Bahraini Ministry of Interior. Alternatively, individuals can visit the office where they submitted their application to inquire about the status of their application. It is essential to ensure that all the necessary documents are provided and the application is filled out correctly to avoid any delays in processing the PCC.

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