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MEA stands for the Ministry of External Affairs. MEA Apostille is also another terminology used for attestation. MEA Apostille attests to the Origin certificates and makes them eligible for use in foreign territories. However, there is no attestation procedure that starts and ends with the MEA Apostille. Attestation from the MEA Apostille is usually the middle step in the attestation procedure of all certificates. Helpline Group  helps you out in the following regards.

  • Helpline Group executives are keen on the rules and regulations for the MEA Apostille attestation 
  • The documentation formalities can be completed without errors with the help of our executives
  • We are strict in maintaining a highly professional approach to our services so that you are most welcome to clarify your queries and grievances
  • Our international liaisons are an add-on to complete the procedure without any formal or legal hurdles

For most Indian expatriates, attestation formality is required for their educational, professional and personal documents and certifications. MEA Apostille attestation is applicable for all of the above-mentioned certificates. The MEA Apostille plays the role of a vital authority in validating the certificates. 

The attestation procedure is not complete with just the MEA Apostille attestation. Authentication from the Consulate situated in the state of Maharashtra and the Embassy in New Delhi is also important to make the certificates and documents valid in a foreign nation. Our executives with hands-on industry experience are here to help you out.