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What is a degree certificate apostille?

A computer-generated sticker that was stamped onto the back of the degree by the authorized officials identifies a degree certificate as having received an Apostille. The degree is deemed confirmed once it is apostilled which shows the degree certificate’s credibility. It is a printed form with 11 standard fields that include the following key details and affixes an Apostille certificate to the document’s backside.

Why should you apostille your documents/degree certificate?

The degree certificate apostille is a critical step of the legal process for HCCH Member Countries. A visitor cannot enter HCCH Member Countries without a valid degree certificate that has been apostille-stamped, as per the Hague Convention policy. The degree certificate is made right, legitimate, and recognized by the MEA of HCCH Member Countries using the Apostille stamp. Any additional attestation from their Embassy is not necessary if a degree certificate has an apostille on it.

Why do you need a degree certificate apostille?

Here are some of the reasons why you will need a degree certificate apostille.

  1. If you are moving to a foreign land for a job
  2. If you are moving to a foreign land to studying
  3. If you are moving to a country that needs an apostille to identify your degree certificate as a legal foreign public document
  4. If you are going to appear for the MOH or DOH exam

What are the documents needed for an apostille for a degree certificate?

Apostille is required for the original degree certificate in Hague member nations. Therefore, it is important to print the Apostille stamp specifically on the actual Degree Certificate. The position of a degree certificate should be clearly improved, and all markings and stamps must be legible and clear. Additionally, it must not have any strange markings.

What is the process for getting a degree certificate apostille in India?

The Central Government obtains the Apostille stamp. However, a candidate cannot go directly to the Ministry of External Affairs to obtain an apostille stamp. They can either finish the apostille process or submit a degree certificate through a consultancy only. There are many consultants such as Helpline Groups who can speed up the process without any hassles. Helpline Groups have branches in India that can help you get apostille and other immigration procedures easily and efficiently.

How long will it take to get an apostille degree certificate?

There are several steps involved in the degree certificate apostille. Therefore, getting an apostille sticker for a degree certificate is a lengthy process. The degree certificate must pass through some legal procedures from the government officials for apostille. Only after that can the MEA apostille the degree certificate. It might take 10 working days and the deadline is determined by the university where the degree certificate was granted. However, there are numerous ways to complete the procedure quickly. One way is to do it through an apostille service provider who will handle all the formalities efficiently so that you can focus on other tasks at hand.

Also note that based on the country you are applying for, it might take longer than 10 days. For best reasons, it is always wise to move through an certificate apostille service provider.

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