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An individual who is planning to get a resident visa in the United Arab Emirates or UAE have to attest their birth certificate. Birth Certificate attestation in UAE is a common scene and there are different needs for different documents to be attested. The certificates or documents issued from any country other than the seven emirates forming the UAE need to be attested to be legally accepted in the UAE. Otherwise these documents are useless and are not of any value.

Birth Certificate attestation in UAE is important for resident’s visa as mentioned above, the attestation process starts from the homeland were he or she is born and the certificate attestation gets completed only after the UAE MOFA or Ministry of Foreign affairs approves the and attest the certificate. Then only the birth certificate is said to be authentic in the eyes of the UAE government. Not only for the new UAE residents from other countries but when the foreigner’s child is born in UAE or other countries then also you have to get the birth certificate attested

Birth certificate attestation in UAE has to be done very carefully as the same birth certificate is used in various other needs and a small error can result in many big issues in the future. It is very important to attest the birth certificates, and they are valued only after getting the official stamp and seal by the issuing authority of respective countries. To secure your attestation it is better to choose Helpline group. We have been providing services in attestation of certificates of different countries according to the clients need.

Birth Certificate attestation in UAE is not so burdensome if you know the procedures. But if you lack good knowledge and no prior experience then you will have to better choose us for an easy attestation. Before heading for the attestation of birth certificate you have to know about the procedures in completing the attestation. For getting the birth certificates attested in UAE you have to first submit the documents such as the original birth certificate which was issued by the issuing authority in the name of the certificate holder. In addition to this he or she has to keep the Xerox of the passports of father and mother. 

When a child is born abroad or in UAE, to get the child a passport then they want the attested birth certificate, it is mandatory to get the passport. Similarly the birth certificate attestation in UAE is mandatory when the child is getting admitted to any school, planning for migration or to make any change in the existing name in any governmental or school or college needs. The process of attestation is stepwise, where you have to get your certificates authenticated by different departments and authorities.

In the attestation process you will first go for the notary public for verification and thereby the documents will be attested by the ministry of external affairs or MEA of the birth certificate issuing country, then the Embassy of the UAE in the home country will attest the certificate followed by the MOFA in UAE. Helpline group helps you to complete the attestations easily and error free.