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Attestation MEA

The documents attested by the attestation MEA should be of Indian origin. This is done to help the expatriates from India to authenticate their certificates before the institutions and organisations in the country they are planning to move in. All your certificates and documents will not be considered valid in the foreign territory if they are not properly authenticated as per the rules and regulations of both countries. Helpline Group offers holistic assistance in regard to the skills and experience of our executives. Attestation MEA will be of immense help to you in the following;

  • To assist in getting the certificates attested strictly following the rules and regulations prescribed
  • Help you complete the documentation in the most efficient manner and with the utmost responsibility
  • Offers top-notch professional service by interacting with our clients and guiding them in the most righteous ways
  • Extend support by deriving help from our international associations to complete the procedures at an accelerated speed and efficacy

Everyone is always seeking better avenues abroad. That’s the reason for the exponential migration rate in the nation. To enable such migrations, background verification and credential checks are mandatory. Certificate verification is one such procedure. The country that is taking migrants in needs to verify their educational as well as non-educational credentials. That’s when the responsible governmental authorities and departments like the Ministry of External Affairs verify the authenticity of the certificates on behalf of the nation. 

The attestation MEA becomes a crucial part of the entire procedure and is applicable to a wide variety of certificates including educational and non-educational. To know more about the attestation MEA and documentation, please contact the Helpline Group.