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Ghana Police Clearance Certificate

Need Ghana Police Clearance? Worry Not. Helpline Group’s international services are designed to help you get police clearance certificate from the Ghana Police.

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Find out various steps involved in getting your police clearance certificate from the Ghana Police through Helpline Group, or send us a message in the form, and we will ring you back.

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Planning for a visit to Abroad? Check out whether you have Police Clearance Certificate or not! It is an important document to complete your visa document set. Several countries in the world demands for a Good Conduct Certificate or Police Clearance Certificate, as it is required to know the criminal background of the applicant. People moving for a visit in any country might need a PCC from their home country, as government officials of that country wants to keep a check on the criminal activities, if any. Same is here for the people moving for a job to abroad from Ghana, they might also be asked to get a PCC from Ghana, to assure that company is not hiring a person with criminal background. One might need PCC from Ghana for several purposes like travelling abroad, looking for work opportunity abroad, and to own firearms.
Good Conduct Certificate is a legal document that each Ghanaian should possess. If one has resided in Ghana for three months or more, or he – she is the resident of the Ghana and wishes to migrate out of the country then they should apply for this certificate. In Ghana, Police Clearance Certificate is issued by the Criminal Data Service Bureau (CDSB) – a constituent part of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Ghana. In Ghana, CDBS has the responsibility to pull together, uphold and vet all the criminal data of the residents to act as a centralized criminal information center.
There are three basic types of scrutinizing process that are carried out by this bureau which includes examination for visit visa, for employment offer and to purchase firearms, scrutiny for any other purpose will not be entertained. Whole process of getting PCC is different for different work that might become cumbersome to understand for many; our executives in Ghana can help you in getting out this situation, as we are the experts in dealing such work.